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Learn to play golf in 10 hours!


Our StartGolf Individual Coaching Programme is specifically designed to take people who have done nothing or very little to be able to play on a golf course and enjoy our great game!

The 10 hours of coaching will cover the rudiments of the game but will totally focus on developing the skills necessary for early enjoyment.

The programme can be taken as fast or as slow as you wish and your time constraints allow. So you can could literally learn in a couple of days or maybe over  a few months?

Even better we will allow you to stage payments over 3 months, and just in case you're not sure whether golf is for you, we will offer you a half price taster session to see how you get along?

So why not allow our Academy Coaches to introduce you to the game?

Individual StartGolf sessions are available daytimes and evenings on weekdays via our online booking system.

The StartGolf programme is accompanied by learning notes, videos and all equipment will be provided.


Individual Coaching

In the indoor studio, outdoors and on the  golf course

Half Price 1 Hour Intro Session - £25

10 Hour StartGolf Programme £395

Payable 3 x monthly payments of £131.66

Our StartGolf Saturday Sessions are the ideal top-up or introduction to our StartGolf Programme.

They will cover long game, short game, putting and that all important first steps onto the golf course.

They are suitable for all beginner and novice golfers, the group format creates a unique and fun format that replicates playing our fantastic game and an introduction to players at the same stage.

No equipment is necessary but is preferable. There is a mid-session break with refreshments provided provided.


StartGolf Saturday's

Small Group Sessions

On the practice ground, putting green and on the  golf course

1.00pm - 5.00pm - £45

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